Inside The GBK Gift Suite

The cast of Nickelodeon’s “Every Witch Way,” nominated for Favorite Kids TV Show, were also full of enthusiasm and charisma. Louis Tomeo is “most excited to see everybody get slimed,” especially his costar Rahart Adams, who plays a character that Louis’ charater is not a “big fan of.” What Louis was a big fan of were the Heely’s and even referred to himself as the Master. Other cast members shared their own take on getting slimed: Jackie Frazey “loves messy stuff” and explained it would be the “best thing for me ever,” whereas Ethan Estrada exclaimed “oh my god…I'm just gonna freak out because I don’t like getting dirty at all.” One thing they all had in common was how they couldn't wait to meet this year's host, Nick Jonas. Jackie mentioned that she couldn't wait to snag a photo with the chart-topping heatthrob. 

Jackie, Ethan and Louis from "Every Witch Way"

When it came to their favorite parts of the gift suite, Ethan appreciated the Stop-Attack sponsor, an assault-response application, for the sole reason to “protect other people." Jackie raved about all the “creative new ideas that we get to put it into our new world with new technology and new clothing and new ideas.” One of these innovations included the Audiopark, stylish headphones that transform into a bracelet as well.